Weekend Lunch

11 December 2018

Yay…it’s Saturday…and Little M had a half day, I had promised her macaroni for lunch only if she helped me in the kitchen…So Little M and Mommy made some macaroni today and this plate was plated by Little M…
Apart from taking out her favorite book and she is trying to read by herself, she took out her playdough too…And grated some cheese🧀🧀🧀 (If you are doing this with your LO please let them do this under adult supervision only)
Now that it is all inside our little tummies we are going to snooze…have an exciting evening planned for her today… So on LittleM’s plate is
⭐ Macaroni and cheese with a hint of 🍅
⭐ A surprise caramel custard from mommy’s refrigerator
⭐ Strawberry🍓🍓🍓
⭐ And to fill up the plate some chocolates that she promised to eat later (oh I wish 😜😜😜)
we had so so so much fun in the kitchen..and more fun when Little M got her hands on my old DSLR..