Hi, I am Monalisa aka ‘bellydriven’, you can also call me Mona. I write, I cook, and I love styling delicious food. Apart from being a mom to Little M, wife to Mr. A and an Army kid, I am also the self-taught, mom-taught, grandma-taught cook, baker, writer, and an aspiring photographer behind this little space on the web.
The kitchen is where my creative juices flow and ‘bellydriven’ is my where I can share it all with you. ‘bellydriven’ is all about simple everyday cooking, sometimes festive and sometimes comforting and sometimes temperamental…Yeah it gets like that especially when you are from Odisha, married to a Punjabi and live in Pune I daydream about new recipes. I devour cookbooks and more cookbooks. I’ve never really cared for novels but I’ve always loved cookbooks and food magazines. They have pictures, novels don’t. I love travelling.
I read up on new food trends. And seriously enjoy good food in good company— It definitely doesn’t get better than that I have never received any formal training in cooking and with my many many epic kitchen fails (sob sob), I have learned my way through the kitchen through hit and miss.
I try to cook things that are practical, interesting, seasonal and delicious. I adore noodles, curry, and a delicious bowl of soup…And I so love my LIITs…
I believe life is meant to be enjoyed and doesn’t good food just make it more enjoyable? Please follow along and let’s create something delicious!