Bottled Up – White Owl Beers, A beer experience at Prem’s Koregaon Park | Bellydriven

The craft beer scene in India is sure emerging and we have evolved from the times were the only choices in beer were strong and mild and now beer isn’t just beer its anywhere between blond, stout, cider, ale or porter…And I am in love with not just the beers but the craft as well. And thanks to that it is a very rare occasion that I reach out to the bottles unless well unless there is big gathering at home primarily due to the unavailability of craft beers in the bottle Continue reading

Setting the Pune Fashion scene on fire, India Fashion Walk Runway Sunsets at Sin Envy Pride

On 1st of February, Pune witnessed an eclectic  fashion fiesta at Sin Envy Pride, a premium cocktail lounge in Koregaon Park. In their brand launch in October 2016 Pune, witnessed the launch of ‘India Fashion Walk’, an event that offered a platform for designers across India to showcase their work. Designs by several Pune designers, including Mystic Quartz by Tanvi Ejrekar, Runway Ready by Prerna and Justine, Shweta Divgi and Jhelum Fashion House, and footwear sponsored by Nupur Chaudhuri were displayed to an august crowd. The one of a kind event was curated by WFT India, in association with Mercedes-Benz Trinity Motors.

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The Flamboyant Life @ The House of Medici

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As you venture into The House of Medici, gracefully carpeted wooden floors, luxuriant leather furnishings, artistic Italian sculptures and royal chandeliers greet to give you a feeling of pure affluence. And by the time you move forward a 104 foot long horse shoe shaped bar with a 34ft height will tower over you, everything here exudes such opulence that you take a step back and let the interiors sink in. Check out my experience here Continue reading

Bellydriven checks out the new menu at Terttulia!!!

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Kale and Quinoa Salad with Dates, Toasted Walnuts, Lime Parmesan Dressing

Kale and Quinoa Salad with Dates, Toasted Almonds, Walnuts with Lime Parmesan Dressing

Tertullia has never disappointed me…it is one of the restaurants that has been quite consistent with their offerings. My usual go to meeting place and I may have tried their one dish n number of times but nothing changes in terms of taste and texture. And let me tell you their new additions to the menu look equally tempting and stunning. Read on to check out my dining experience at Tertullia Koregaon Park

Well this salad is definitely one of those that #BellydrivenRecommends For me it is a complete meal in itself, this kale quinoa salad is healthy and hearty. You’ll love the crunchy walnuts, toasted almonds and sweet dates! All of this topped with a heavenly lime parmesan dressing. I can just have this salad with one of the fresh fruit juices on the menu and that will kind of sort my lunch scenes Continue reading

I for Indigo aka Neel

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Indigo Deli was my usual hangout in Mumbai…I must have spent a ton of time haunting their Bandra joint, I was happy when they opened in Powai, because it was closer to home and travel time was reduced to 1/10th of the usual….And even though I moved to Pune whenever I was in Mumbai I would go back to have breakfast there before I started my day. So I was happier- read ecstatic when I heard that the opened in Pune and that too at Phoenix Market City and much much closer to home… So in a way wherever I go Indigo follows 😉

I was initially skeptical, if they would be able to give me the same experience that I used to have in Mumbai in terms of food, or whether they would treat Pune as the wicked cousin but all my inhibitions went out of the park with the experience that I had in their 92 seater, warmly lit space at Phoenix Market City Pune. Read on for my adventures here… Continue reading

Effingut Brewerkz – Where Beers bring people together

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Pit Stop: Effingut Baner –  People don’t just get together to talk about beer but it is always the other way around, the Beer gets people together to talk. And that is exactly what Effingut facilitates. Some great conversations coupled with a fantastic ambience where one can actually Live (not literally), Work, Learn and Play and oh yes EAT too. Effingut is a kind of place that knits people together. You don’t know you need a place like that in your life until you find one, or until you’ve had one and lost it. It is an experience in itself to experience.

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Experience ZORA – Progressive Food at its finest

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When I write about a restaurant I usually keep this paragraph to the bottom end, since it sums up my views about the place. But ZORA made be change my ways, just the way they are changing the food scene in Pune. What one has to learn from them is how to change something you may feel is drab and unexciting to something courageous, brave and stimulating. A place that will make you totally admire food not just because it has been plated phenomenally well but because it has been made with such care and eventually  will make you comprehend the amount of research that has gone into the plateful of food right before you that you will fall head over heels in love with it. Continue reading