The Kolkata Connection – Hyatt Regency Pune

I would not call ‘Peth Pujo’- The Bengali Way – the ongoing food festival at The Café at Hyatt Regency Pune, a Bengali Food Festival. Here is why? Continue reading


Macha Tarkari – Odia Style Rohu Fish Curry

Rohu Macha JholoIf you have been following my blog, you would know by now how much my family loves fish, that includes my 3 year old little one. This recipe is a nostalgic one, one that was an integral part of my life as I grew up. Though we moved around and changed cities a lot, all thanks to being an army brat, my mother made sure that odia cuisine was a staple at home, she always said that never forget your roots and odia food was her way of making us keep in touch with ours. And even though I don’t live in Odisha anymore, my parents do, and being married to a punjabi, this is my way of making sure that my little one is exposed to the food culture of both the worlds. I beam with pride when my little one now demands for fish curry. All thanks to my mother who with her efforts made me and my brother always tuck in food with utmost gusto, exposed us to multiple cuisines and now she does the same with my little one.

Macha Tarkari / Macha Aloo Jhola is the one that my mother used to prepare for lunch. Macha in Odia means Fish;  and Jhola means to a light gravy.  So, if you are looking for a light, simple and flavor packed   fish curry, then this odia fish curry recipe is definitely a keeper and worth a bookmark. Continue reading

Katla Machha Jholo – Fresh water carp with nigella infused tomato gravy

Katla Machha JholoGoing to the fish market is never a chore for me, thanks to my father who made me a part of all those Sundays when he went on a fish buying spree. Being in the army made us change towns often but with every new city we moved to, we looked forward to go around hunting for the best fish available. A lot of hits and misses happened till Papa settled for his favorite fish guy. We just moved cities and one of my first posts in a forum on Facebook was “Where can I get good fish?” and with each new suggestion I went around Pune looking for the best fish that I could get. A visit to a fish market, although a smelly and a noisy experience can be worthwhile especially for fish lovers. Being an Odia, I love the hustle bustle, aroma and the chaos of a fish market but for my Punjabi husband, the opposite holds true. But he eats fish with as much gusto as me… Continue reading

Soriso Macha Besara- Fish in spiced mustard gravy

I can never forget the whiff of this freshly made fish curry as me and my brother ran back home from the school bus stop…the aroma made our tummies grumble with hunger. And as we hurriedly washed up and changed, a fight would ensue on which piece of fish who gets to eat- the head, tail or the tummy… But eventually, one look from mommy and everyone would settle as she served seaming hot rice with this fish curry. Second helpings were common and an extra ladle full of gravy was always prized.

Here’s to mommy for all the food memories deep-rooted in us….well the food habits too 😉

Fish curry in spiced mustard gravy

Fish curry in spiced mustard gravy

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