Sweet Sundays – Caramel Custard







Caramel glazed
Warm or chilled
Creamy and sweet
Relish this treat

How many times have you flocked to a Parsi joint and devoured the caramel custard? This comforting and elegant dessert is not only popular in India but also popular worldwide. Made from milk, eggs and sugar, this wobbly and delicate dessert has many names, it is called as crème caramel in France whereas in Latin America and the Philippines, it is called flan, or flan de leche.
Not very sweet, but just enough for your sweet cravings…


Sweet Sundays – Rosogolla


I am sweet and soft
So, handle me with care.
I gently melt in your mouth
And kindle a compulsive desire.

The ever-so-enticing, Rosogolla needs no introduction. You cannot just have enough of it and plentiful helpings are for sure. This sugary dessert with spongy cottage cheese balls can surely make you drool. It is a must for Bengali /Oriya weddings and other auspicious occasions.  A very wintery variation is the Nolen gur er ( fresh winter jaggery)  rosogollas that is to die for. An added bonus would be if you can lay your  hands on Khejur gur er (date jaggery) Rosogolla.

The health benefits of rosogolla – an immediate mood enhancer, anytime anywhere!