The Great Indian Kabab Festival – Copper Chimney

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Brace yourself for a desi treat, indulge in the tenderness of the Kababs and get intoxicated in all the smokiness. Copper Chimney is hosting ‘The Great Indian Kabab Festival’. Sit back and enjoy the rustic and smoky delicacies here.. with a variety of kababs specially prepared in Indian spices. Hurry!!! only a few days left for the festival to get over…

Where: Copper Chimney, 3rd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar

When : Upto 25th February, 2017

 Here is what you can savour at the Kabab Festival…

  1. Raan-e-Murgh – This dish featured a chicken thigh stuffed with chili cheese, all I can say that you will want to have more of these kababs. A complete #MustTry dish here that was composed of well marinated chicken thighs and oh that smokiness from the tandoor and how can I forget perfectly tender served with the quintessential onion lachchas. Don’t miss this one at all
Raan e Murgh, Copper Chimney

Raan e Murgh, Copper Chimney

  1. Khade Masale ka Paneer Tikka – If you have a high spice quotient, this is a #MustHave then..I loved the huge chunks of will see how the edges have slightly crisped up indicating that they have been well cooked in the tandoor, all you have to do is  squeeze some lime, take a bite and wait till you get a flavor explosion in your mouth.
Khade Masale Ka Paneer Tikka, Copper Chimney

Khade Masale Ka Paneer Tikka, Copper Chimney

  1. Nimboo Mirch Machchi – Chunks of rawas fish tikka, marinated in lime and green chilli. I wanted the spice quotient to be a tad bit higher here plus the flavor of the lime failed to shine through.


Nimboo Mirch Macchi

Nimboo Mirch Macchi

  1. Dilli ki laal tikki – Another #MustHave here the beet root stuffed tikki made me remember by days in Delhi. A perfect combination of potatoes and beetroot, with a crisp and crunchy outer shell with a soft centered beetroot filling. One of those dishes where you would want to keep the meat aside and enjoy veg for a change.


Dilli ki Laal Tikki, Copper Chimney

Dilli ki Laal Tikki, Copper Chimney

  1. Tandoori Mushroom – This one is a completely different take on the tandoori Mushrooms that we have been having so far, here two mushrooms are stuffed with cheese, tandoori spices and more diced mushrooms, then coated  and then perfectly grilled. So if you get one piece of this preparation it is technically two mushrooms with all the stuffing inside. Served alongside a garlic yoghurt chutney this will hit the right taste notes
Tandoori Mushroom

Tandoori Mushroom

  1. Achari Murgh Tikka – This one is from the regular menu of Copper Chimney, it was grilled chicken marinated in pickling spices and mustard extract. Another flavor bomb to put in your #MustTry list here
Achari Murgh Tikka, Copper Chimney

Achari Murgh Tikka, Copper Chimney

  1. The Frontier Raan – If you visit in big group, theFrontier Raan is something you should definitely look to try. The big roasted leg of mutton is not something a couple of people can finish and you surely need a few to devour this one. A nomadic style prep with charcoal roasted leg of lamb flavored with Indian spices and malt vinegar. The spice  mix was a little too overwhelming for me here.


I washed it all down with the shikanji and the copper kadak roomali




So, loved what you saw…hurry book your table now…10 days to go…


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