Shazia Khan’s What’s on the Menu Cookbook Review

My engagement with The B Team took me to the launch of a debut cookbook – ‘What’s on the Menu’  by Celebrity Chef Shazia Khan in Pune. Published by Om Books International, the cookbook was unveiled by Chef, Food stylist and Food Photographer Michael Swamy and noted food connoisseur, Ka

Where Rassa Rocked! – A taste of Maharashtrian cuisine

My heart skipped a beat when I received an invite to be a part of the bloggers table to explore the culinary traditions of Maharashtra specially curated by celebrity chef and food connoisseur Aditya Mehendale (Author of the book- Rare Gems- A Non-Vegetarian Gourmet Collection from Maharashtra). I

Makrana – A kebab affair

You know what is pure bliss?…for a food enthusiast like me walking into a food establishment and being surprised and enchanted by the flavours and aroma that an eatery offers. Same was the case when my sojourn took me to a small eatery called Makrana in Primerose Mall, Baner. Trust me when I

Jumeirah – Where food lovers throng

Travelling 20 km one way in search of great food – CHECK Devouring an exquisite platter of food with a bunch of foodies – CHECK A Bellydriven Delight – CHECK What more do you want from a food tasting escapade? That is exactly how my evening ended at Chandralok/ Jumeirah Cafe that is situated