Chapter 1: The Outcasts

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By Nilanjana Dey

[This is the first chapter from Nilanjana Dey’s multi-part novella, The Crossover.]

The city of white ants, Sopora, just woke up to a new technology. The new communication team – ringers – was all over the city, trying to attach strands and fit receivers that would connect each and every part of the city. And also other white-ant colonies. This way they would be able to network with one another much better.

Hermes was not happy with this arrangement. He thought he would not be required to snoop into the lives of his fellow white ants anymore if they were already strand-connected. He decided to raise his complaint to Hercules, the leader of white-ants in Sopora.

The worker ants moved forward drudgingly in a straight line. They have been trained to always…

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