It is not an Experience it is an EFFINGOOD Experience | Bellydriven | Effingut Kharadi | Pune

It is not an Experience it is an EFFINGOOD Experience | Bellydriven | Effingut Kharadi | Pune

The people who know me well…know my love for Effingut – for their craft beers (I am partial to the coffee stout), their food and the whole experience overall.  From office meetings to express lunches to that date night place and lest I forget the special occasions..Effingut has seen it all. So here I am, today at Effingut Brewerkz Kharadi , writing about the newest additions to their menu – the focus being on bite sized food that goes well with the beers…

The Crispy Chicken, like I said bite sized chicken pieces crumb fried to perfection. They are highly addictive and one can go on munching on them. Perfect to go with super chilled beers

The Loaded BBQ Potatoes, again an ideal accompaniment to beers which had fries topped with barbecue and cheese sauce. The ultimate Game Night dish…

The Chicken Spring Rolls – This one has got everything..the bite, the crunch and yes the chicken was moist inside and the vegetables crisp.  Along with that wafer thin outer covering we have got a winner here

Threaded Cottage Cheese – cottage cheese marinated with oriental sauces and wrapped in crispy threaded casing. It goes really well with the beers

The best and easiest way to eat a prawn is by simply frying it. The crispy fried coating and sweet succulent prawn taste wonderful together. All you need is a spicy chilli sauce to go with these beautiful prawns and you’re set. These my dear friend are the Golden Fried Prawns served at Effingut with a spicy sambal dip.

Tequila, Lime & Thyme Prawns – There was too much going on the plate here. The taste of thyme was prominent but I missed the tequila and the lime.  I preferred the earlier prawn dish to this one

The menu also boasts of Kathi Rolls and Pizzas especially for the office goers.

With a hearty filling of cottage cheese and a Mexican tomato based sauce the Mexican Cottage Cheese roll, is tasty but  the Thecha Chicken is a personal favorite. For the sheer intensity and flavor of green chilies you need to try that Thecha Chicken Kathi Roll. Ask for extra spicy.  You will thank me later for this tip.

Beer is great and pizza is amazing, but when you have both at the same time it’s one of the best meals known to man. Still, the subtle, nuanced flavors of different beers can be even better with the right pizza pairing.  The Quattro Formaggio Pizza (4 cheese pizza) with orange cheddar, parmesan, scamorza and mozzarella cheese goes perfectly well with the American Pale Ale at Effingut.

On the other hand The Pulled Pork and Bacon Pizza with slow cooked pulled pork, crispy bacon with mozzarella and orange cheddar goes pairs well with the Stout here. And I gobbled up quite a number of slices here.

The Hazelnut Cheesecake was absolutely sinful.  The classic of combination of chocolate and hazelnuts blends beautifully in this rich and creamy cheesecake with a chocolate-hazelnut crust.

Apart from these newly introduced items, Effingut continues to serve all their regular items in their menu with that EFFINGOOD experience. The Effinber offer continues at their Kharadi outlet  as well offering flat 30% off on Monday to Friday between 12.30pm to 7pm.

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