Making Chai-Time Happy Times !!! | New Poona Bakery | Bellydriven | Pune

Making Chai-Time Happy Times !!! | New Poona Bakery | Bellydriven | Pune

Ahhh, the smell of freshly baked goodies! Is there anything more delightful after a hard day of work to come home to a plate of delicious cookies? But well what if you have two left feet in baking? This one is for all those who love their chai time snack and are head over heels for those buttery baked goods.

So this is how my weekend goes…

A cute basket arrives at home from New Poona Bakery, one of the oldest and largest bakeries in Pune.

Well they made it a point that they turned my chai time to happy times for sure. You have to read on as I unraveled them over a rainy weekend with copious amount of chai

Vanilla Cream Roll – For the moments when you want a dessert or a snack with different textures, our cream rolls are perfect. A classic, light puff pastry rolled and filled with vanilla cream. This dessert is a happy combination between two textures: crunchy and delicate.

Special Chocolate Chip Cookies – There is nothing that a tall mug of coffee and cookies cannot solve. Either you are cookie person or a biscuit person and my loyalties skew towards the cookie. For me the cookies from New Poona Bakery fit the ideal cookie personality – slight crunch of the crust, soft center, studded with chocolate, the ones on the plate here are crunchy, perfect to dip in that coffee and studded with chocolate chips

Special Toast – This special toast, you may call it a rusk or twice baked bread will make you savor a crunchy treat. Dip a slice of rusk in your tea and see it soak, then go ahead bite into that combination of juicy and crunchy. A moment to be truly savoured, you will wonder how anyone could have tea any other way..aint it?

Maska Butter – Another perfect buttery chai time goody

Jeera Straw – Crispy, delicious and rich in flavor, another perfect tea time snack

Potato Puffs – with crisp-n-flaky outer layer and potato stuffing, it is a quick and tasty way of satisfying urge of something savory.

Overall, I head to New Poona Bakery for the great spread of freshly baked goods both sweet and savoury The products are some real value for money and with over 65 outlets across the city, the brand is almost at your doorstep in Pune and all you have to do is explore.

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