Yes…I had Constantine, Philip and Angela for lunch | Bellydriven | Arthur’s Theme Pune

Yes…I had Constantine, Philip and Angela for lunch | Bellydriven | Arthur’s Theme Pune

I had Constantine, Philip and Angela for lunch…I know I know that just does not sound right at all (wink wink) Allow me introduce you to my favorite terrific trio…They are unique, they are yum and would totally charm you!!!

Constantine is a breaded roll made with hammered piece of chicken, chicken ham and smoked cheese, served with sriracha sauce.

Philip on the other hand is a Creamy quinoa risotto cooked with mushrooms and bell peppers in a herbed cheese

And Angela is this hot and cheesy lasagna with roasted vegetables enveloped in lasagna sheet, topped with cheese sauce and oven baked to perfection.

Where will you meet them?

At  Arthur’s Theme Pune

Why are they called that?

Since the theme of this place is based on King Arthur, every dish on the menu is named after a character from the history.

Arthur’s Theme has been the essence of European themed food in Pune for over 10 years now. So much so that I describe this place in Pune as one of the most iconic, must visit place in Pune if you are a food lover. The menu here is an expression in itself, every dish here has a enigmatic name, accompanied with droolworthy descriptions that will make it difficult for you to decide what you want to order…The food after all these years amazes me and the service here is a winner.

You must be wondering why I hold Arthur’s Theme so close to my heart, the reasons are two. Well this was the first place that I went out for a date with Mr. A, a good 10 years back and the fact that it opened up my eyes to a cuisine that I was inexperienced with then. Yes my tastes have evolved since then but I haven’t forgotten William III – A perfect chicken steak with a special brown sauce served with rice and steamed vegetables. The taste lingers on after all these years.

They have recently launched new additions to their menu and here is a preview-


York were skewered prawns marinated and grilled to perfection accompanied by a mustard mayo dip that complemented the prawns well.

Sancho was a quick stir fry with roundels of calamari sautéed with garlic and cayenne pepper. The dish lacked seasoning and I needed a little more of garlic and a little more of pepper for this dish to work for me.


Atlas had crisp toasties garlic infused black olive paté and cream cheese. Perfect bite sized appetizer and I loved them essentially because I am an olive fan.

Constantine was an outstanding appetizer for me. Hand rolled to perfection. A meat lover’s dreams come true with the medley of chicken ham and cheese. #BellydrivenRecommends

Ronald was fiery chicken wings, served with wasabi mayo. One of my favorite appetizers. Perfectly done, the wings packed a punch with heat, sweet or savory. #BellydrivenRecommends


Penda was flame grilled chicken tenders cooked with bourbon whiskey. The chicken was a little dry for my taste here.

The Salads

Quinoa Salad with pickled onions, gherkins, bell peppers and tomatoes with a mint dressing are what Salad Days are made of… Why should you order this? – It is healthy, it is hearty and at the same time totally refreshing A bowl of soup and this for a meal.  It is fresh, light, a little tangy, filling, and so flavorful. The veggies work so well with the quinoa and the dressing goes perfectly with everything else.

The Greek salad on the other hand needed a little more seasoning

The Mains:

The mains that awed me are:

Philip –  #BellydrivenRecommends A Cheesy creamy Quinoa risotto with mushrooms and bell peppers.


Stephen #HighlyRecommended if you are a beef lover. Julienne carabeef, bell peppers, sauteed in garlic oil, in a mushroom and red wine sauce, served with rice. Absolutely loved this, the sauce is noteworthy here.

Benedict – This herb crusted fish fillet served sriracha sauce and steamed vegetables promised a lot but failed to impress as it was too dry

Not to forget the Angela here, she wowed me

The Pizzas

The Funghi Pizza  topped with mushrooms and olives is good on the other hand the Pepperoni Pizza, with chicken pepperoni and mozzarella lacked seasoning

The Dessert

The Affogato had a shot of Arabica espresso served with vanilla ice cream and brownie crumble.

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