Café Mestizo, Viman Nagar, Pune – Bellydriven’s Favorite Neighborhood Cafe

Café Mestizo, Viman Nagar, Pune – Bellydriven’s Favorite Neighborhood Cafe

I used to long for a place in Viman Nagar where I could just hop in for a bite without venturing into the mall next door or where I could have a lunch meeting in peace, basically a casual but chic place that suits all palates. Looks like my search ends here..after visiting the newly opened Café Mestizo in Viman Nagar I am convinced that I would not have to run or drive that extra 5 kilometers for some good coffee and grub. All thanks to their well thought out menu, they have something for all…The neighborhood café redefined!!! Here is glimpse of what all one can savor here..

Butter Chicken Pizza – It is definitely not Italian…but seriously who said that pizza can’t get an Indian makeover once in a while. This pizza comes with a perfectly cooked butter chicken on a crisp thin crust loaded with cheese. As the crust is thin, it aptly offsets the heavy toppings. Perfect for a family meal this one sure is a #MustHave here.

Kheema Overdose Pizza – Kheema is so versatile, you can have it with the pav or as a sandwich filling, but here it is used as a topping for pizza – utterly delicious! Spicy lamb keema topped with mozzarella again on a crisp thin crust. Even though I found the keema to be a tad salty…surprisingly the desi twist works

The Mestizo Delight – The chef here gives a Lebanese twist to the pizza and adds cheese stuffed falafel to the toppings. A vegetarian’s delight!!! The cheese stuffed falafel will make you swoon but on the pizza it need a little more cheese on top to become one with the nice spicy crust…we ended up giving a feedback and in the next 5 min we saw that Chef Deepu tried our version…never seen a feedback put into action so fast here… Highly commendable!!!

Shahi Lucknowi Biryani (Chicken) – Good Biryani makes me go weak in the knees, though the café looks too chic to order a biryani here and yes there are a lot of other options on the menu, do not hesitate to try the biryani here.Served in an earthen clay pot the long grain basmati rice, spices, perfectly cooked and marinated chicken, fried onions along with raita, salan and chutney the biryani comes together perfectly.

I washed all this down with a Green Apple and Cucumber Chiller, another drink that I was skeptical about. But one sip of this drink made all my apprehension go away. Apt for the summers, the lime green color is so so soothing, not too sweet (just the way I like it) and perfect for that cool vibe

Yes there was another chiller which impressed equally…The Rossita a combination of strawberry and Rose but alas at the moment it was served and I was about a take a picture, a mushy text from Mr. A totally distracted me…and by the time I went back to photograph it was gone into happy tummies…All I got was a sip and no picture

Then came along the Mestizo Messy Shakes that stole the show here…

Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed, chocolate makes it worthwhile! This one is a match made in heaven!!!

The Nutty Mocha Mestizo Messy Shake @cafemestizopune made with hazelnut, coffee and chocolate is delightfully indulgent…call it crazy or call it freak this one sure is decadent

Next up was the Caramel Popcorn Messy Shake was sugary, sweet and super indulgent, this is a special treat for anyone looking to ‘shake’ things up with cream caramel and popcorn

Yes the afternoon ended with a delightful meal, and I am so looking forward to try other things on their menu…added advantage for me is that it is a hop skip and a jump for me…
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