The Sugar Rush at Indigo Deli, Pune

The Sugar Rush at Indigo Deli, Pune

Every now and then, kids deserve a treat! The desserts at Indigo Deli cover the gamut from fruity to chocolatey and everything in between. Altough it is easy to find a place to drop in for a quick treat like an ice cream cone or a brownie in Pune city. But sometimes you want to indulge in something more exaggerated with your kids, maybe as a reward for a hard-earned report card or a special occasion. Indigo Deli Pune offers one such experience with some seriously over-the-top treats to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Read on to know more about one delicious morning at Indigo Deli when Little M stepped into Mommy’s Shoes and tried the desserts…

1. Cheesecake of the day – The Baked Blueberry Cheesecake was crusty, crumbly, well baked and smooth but a generous smear of blueberry compote and the best part is that it had a very subtle flavor of the cream cheese and not overpowering as in the case of most cheesecakes in the market

2. Banana Caramel Pie –The favorite of the day for all the kids, this triple layer treat comprises a thick wedge of cream that’s sandwiched between a topping of chopped bananas in a caramel sauce, and a base of soaked chocolate cake.

3. Cream Cheese Brownie with Icecream – These are marbled brownies with the fudgy goodness of the rich brownie coupled with cream cheese. At Indigo these are served with the in-house nilgiri vanilla icecream. The taste was spot on but I found the brownie to be too dense and chewy.

4. Chocolate mud cake – A dense, delicious beauty. It is an alarming block of decadence so indulgent and chocolaty that it we couldn’t stop at just one bite.

5. Chocolate layered almond cake – A different taste in each bite…Spectacular is the word. Again a triple layer Almonds, cake , light & dark chocolate- served with butterscotch sauce and topped with a almond praline

5. Apple Pie – The pie comes in a traditional shortcrust pastry. Crisp and not doughy and with a saucy apple filling and nuts for the texture. The filling itself is pretty simple, basic flavors. Spot on.

6. The Whiskey Pate – Possibly the booziest—and perhaps even the most indulgent—cake on Indigo Deli’s list. This dessert is #AdultsOnly


Drunken Waffles- Hot waffles, coupled with rum and raisin and chocolate ice cream, crunchy granola, jelly and fresh cream topped with rum anglaise. These are a complete no no for kids though but yes you are definitely going to be one content human being for sinking your spoon into it

Kinki Suzette – was a sundae made with French toast doused in dulche de leche, caramelized orange, dulche de leche and vanilla ice creams, hot fudge, fresh cream, spiced pecans and bitter orange marmalade. The kids devoured it with utmost gusto

Finally, the star attraction at Indigo Deli – The Homemade Ice Creams! Each flavour is to die for and these ice creams just melt in your mouth. I am not an ice cream fan, but here I just couldn’t stop – a must try.  We tried the Blueberry & Mint, Belgian chocolate truffle , Rocky Road and Strawberry Cheese Cake,

All in all a dessert experience that gave the kids an ultimate sugar rush and tickled the right taste buds for all the adults. Hence proving that the kids or adults the Deli has something to wow everyone…


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