Apache Fluid Lounge- The Pocket Friendly Neighborhood Place

Apache Fluid Lounge- The Pocket Friendly Neighborhood Place

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An impromptu office get together took me to this place with a bunch of colleagues as most of us wanted to check out Apache Fluid Lounge in Viman Nagar.  As Apache Lounge has always been a popular watering hole, and pocket friendly too. (Yes that’s the key word). A bunch of us then proceeded to their roof top seating that has a central island bar and quirkily set up seating.  Apart from ordering the usual and signature Apache Beer Towers we ordered the following…

The Apache Tornado [Rs. 750] a cocktail made with whisky, vodka, rum, beer and cola; and boy it was POTENT. And the fire extinguisher cocktail dispenser made it an unusual drink

The Smoking Pineapple [Rs. 150] on the other hand is a mocktail made with smoked pineapple, elder flower, rosemary, pineapple juice and sour mix. Being a mocktail everyone was wary of it but one sip will make you change your mind. One of my friends got really creative and ordered himself a small vodka and got creative with the drink…turning into the most loved drink of the evening

The Bar Bites:

The Roasted Moongfalli Bhel [Rs. 99] tasted yum. If you are from the army background you are a stickler for these. The perfect Officer Mess chakna. Pair it with a beer and we are sorted . While the Masala Cheese Fries [Rs. 140] hit were the usual fries with a topping of cheese

The Chicken Caesar Salad [Rs. 170] was a downer for me. For me it was Caesar Salad with a garnish of Tandoori Chicken. I would rather eat each of them as separate entities

Truck full of Appalams Chaplams [Rs. 140] Deep fried poppadoms of different varieties were served in a miniature truck with mint and salsa chutneys. Quirkily designed appetizer but a completely passable  accompaniment.

Tandoori Chicken Chaat [Rs. 150] was a unique yet fun combination of flavors. The pairing was bang on, and it was like a papdi chaat where the papdi has been replaced by tandoori chicken. Pretty unusual but people on my table loved the same.


The BBQ Chicken Pizza [Rs. 280] and the Pepper Paneer Pizza [Rs. 250] were both good with a nice thin crust pizza base. The toppings were in abundance and decent portions too!!!

The Mutton Kheema Dabeli Pav [Rs 180] was served on a was again a twist to the regular gujarati dabeli. It had a kheema filling but the only downside was that the keema was undercooked

The Thai Chicken Red [Rs. 245] and Veg. Green Curry [Rs. 225] – Were both great and tasted amazing with the steamed rice.

The Jägerbomb [Rs. 180] in the dessert section that was a rum ball with Jägermeister but it tasted more like a regular rum ball than that one filled with Jägermeister. The amount was insignificant.

Overall a decent evening with a lot of booze and bar bites and the bitchy office conversations…

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