I for Indigo aka Neel

I for Indigo aka Neel

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Indigo Deli was my usual hangout in Mumbai…I must have spent a ton of time haunting their Bandra joint, I was happy when they opened in Powai, because it was closer to home and travel time was reduced to 1/10th of the usual….And even though I moved to Pune whenever I was in Mumbai I would go back to have breakfast there before I started my day. So I was happier- read ecstatic when I heard that the opened in Pune and that too at Phoenix Market City and much much closer to home… So in a way wherever I go Indigo follows 😉

I was initially skeptical, if they would be able to give me the same experience that I used to have in Mumbai in terms of food, or whether they would treat Pune as the wicked cousin but all my inhibitions went out of the park with the experience that I had in their 92 seater, warmly lit space at Phoenix Market City Pune. Read on for my adventures here…

First up was the soup, The soup of the day was Corn and Potato Chowder with chicken that had slow roasted potatoes and crushed corns along with strips of tender chicken that was served on a soup plate and the hot broth was poured over them. Don’t let the portion size fool you here…This is one hearty soup coupled with brilliant flavors

Next up were the Salads:

Red Wine Poached Pear Salad: Fresh arugula topped with caramelized gorgonzola cheese along with spiced pecans and poached pear with a red wine reduction. I would have liked it a little less sweet but the texture here would make you swoon


Deli House Salad: Cured Salmon and poached lobster in a salad, now we are talking, this one would make any seafood lover proud. Along with the seafood the green beans, baby potatoes, capers and olives, lettuce, plum tomatoes boiled eggs with a oregano vinaigrette completed the salad #HighlyRecommended #BellydrivenRecommends


Next in line were the wafer thin pizzas for the menu…

The 3 smoked pepper and 3 cheese pizza: Red, yellow and bhavnagari peppers with cheddar, scamorza and mozzarella cheese was bang on flavors but my heart went out to the The Barbecue Chicken and Cheddar Pizza that had Chicken strips tossed in a well made in-house barbecue sauce and cheese.


The Beer Battered Cajun Prawns were light and crisp, and perfect with a hot and spicy chilli dipping sauce. These classic ultra-light battered prawns go best with a light snack with drinks. My Favourite #BellydrivenRecommends


Tossed mushrooms with Basil: Bite sized portions of mushrooms in crunchy batter tossed to perfection with basil and sesame seeds. I found this one a little too salty for my taste.


Then came the Super Mains…

Quarter pound of char grilled filet mignon: If you haven’t had this one at Indigo you definitely have missed something. Juicy and tender mignon steak char grilled served with red wine jus and accompanied by some lovely garlic mash and whole roasted garlic. Dazzling is the word to describe it here #BellydrivenHighlyRecommends


Deli Roast Chicken: Well cooked chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes and a delicious gravy to go along with it. #MustTry


D for Deli Desserts Came along then…

The Whiskey Pate: This one’s is a all time favorite not for the ones who cannot handle their alcohol…This unassuming looking dessert had a good amount of whiskey, I found it a little bitter than the ones I had had in Mumbai…nevertheless I still enjoyed it to the fullest


I can end this blog without referring to the homemade ice-creams here they are the best in the country. Belgian Chocolate Truffle, Bluleberry mint, roasted hazelnut, dulce de leche, mocha and caramelized bananas were the flavors that I tried. The truffle definitely ruled for me #HighlyRecommended


Yes, the place is a little pricey…well but with the food quality, service and ambiance that comes with it. It definitely is completely worth it. So head over to the Deli for that special occasion thrust me you will never come back disappointed…


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