Effingut Brewerkz – Where Beers bring people together

Effingut Brewerkz – Where Beers bring people together

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Pit Stop: Effingut Baner –  People don’t just get together to talk about beer but it is always the other way around, the Beer gets people together to talk. And that is exactly what Effingut facilitates. Some great conversations coupled with a fantastic ambience where one can actually Live (not literally), Work, Learn and Play and oh yes EAT too. Effingut is a kind of place that knits people together. You don’t know you need a place like that in your life until you find one, or until you’ve had one and lost it. It is an experience in itself to experience.

Effingut Brewerkz Baner is bejeweled CROWN in the Baner party scenes in Pune. The team here sure knows how to enter into the market with a bang and they sure did with the fantabulous launch party they threw for their regulars.

Well this is how the new place looks like. Yeah Yeah I know this place looks like you are in a different world. The attention to detail put in by the team while doing up this place is totally commendable. The place instantly makes you feel at home…




Coming to beers we all know that this place never disappoints. They have their legendary craft beers on their menu along with the new addition-The Beer Cocktails. Tried their First Dose at Effingut that has apple cider, tequila, whiskey, triple sec and cranberry juice, then Safe sex on the Beer- that has cider, lager, white rum, litchi juice and coconut syrup and the best of the three, The Green Monster a coccotion of cider, lager, melon liquer, vodka and blue curacao. Well the beer cocktails are a nice addition to the menu but at Effingut I will always settle for their home brewed beers any day


The great part about their food menu is that it has actually been created by the #effintroops here and their favorite dishes. Kudos to all..


First up were the The Gun Powder Onion Rings, these go perfectly with the beers, A bite yields an immediate crunch, the kind that sends a jolt of pleasure up through your jaw and all the way to your brain. But, almost immediately, you notice just how light and tempura-like the coating is. And, woah, there’s a bit of spice there, but it doesn’t cover up the hint of another flavor creeping in–is that gun powder? Basically, there’s a lot going on in these onion rings #BellydrivenRecommends



Next up were the 3 cheese Quesadillas, one can never go wrong with these basically melted pepper jack, Monterey & cheddar cheeses and jalapenos and scallions all tucked into a grilled flour tortilla — perfect for sharing. Served with salsa and sour cream. A cheese lover’s paradise



Then came the Pulled Chicken Tacos…Great choice Hussain Upletawala…shredded chicken combined topped with sweet and tangy salsa and ice berg lettuce served in crunchy taco shells. This one was amongst the favorite on the table


Arvind Soju’s chicken wings were a stunner…spice quotient high but completely lip-smacking



The Thai grilled fish had subtle flavors of kaffir lime and lemongrass. All you thai food lovers out there you have to try this one #MustTry. Looks unassuming but this one is a flavor bomb. Comes along with red and green honey coconut cream sauces


Ahhh.. and my favorite of the day the Murg Thecha Kabab. This kabab is a typical north indian delicacy marinated in a typical Maharashtrian spicy green chilli chutney – Thecha. This is one fusion that I loved, Succulent kababs well coated with the thecha. A clear winner for me here #BellydrivenRecommends A cracker of a dish.


Another one of my favorites was the Bacon Wrapped Prawns...a classic with succulent well cooked prawns and wrapped with bacon and grilled to perfection


The Tornado Sausage, This dish had chicken sausages coated with a herbed pancake batter They were a little too dry for my taste


The Classic Chilli Paneer – A simply wow dish, totally indo-chini

Italian Cottage Cheese Kebab was another gem of a dish. It had paneer marinated in pesto and was stuffed with olives and capers.


The tummies were full but good food always summons. Then came along the EFFZA. This is a signature Effingut style pizza – A cross between a calzone and pizza which is loaded with cheese and you can choose between chicken, pork  and mushrooms as a filling. This sure is a conversation starter.


Time for mains, this was probably one f the rare times I have had mains at Effingut – Triple Schezwan rice, the 3 cheese spinach ravioli, Cheese Makhni and Murg Dhania tickled the right tastebuds.

In the desserts the Beeramisu rules – A classic tiramisu transforms to beeramisu just because the chocolate cake sponge is soaked with the in house beer. I would definitely recommend to soak it in coffee porter to give it another dimension #MustTry


All in all, a great evening!! Thank you Mr. Manu Gulati for a fab evening

In the end all I want to say is that this place makes you understand that beer probably lends more texture to your world than you even realize. It’s always been about the people. And the team at Effingut consistently manages to deliver towards that.




Coming to beers we all know that this place never disappoints.

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