Top 7 Must Haves at Teddy Boy Pune

Top 7 Must Haves at Teddy Boy Pune

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teddy-boy_coverTeddy Boy is another one of Priyank Sukhija’s creations. And this one does not disappoint either. Another feather in the hat for Baner for adding to its repertoire of pubs in Pune.  The cuisines include North Indian, Continental, Finger Food with a lot of fusion.

The food menu has been conceptualized by Doyel Sarangi  of MasterChef fame from Kolkata. The bar menu is equally diverse, comprising shots, signature and classical cocktails and, most entertainingly, bantas. You will see saddi dilli’s favorite street drink appears coolly in a jazzed-up avatar.  Spread over two floors with an indoor outdoor experience Teddy Boy’s lower floor has a modern English pub vibe. The climb up to the terrace reveals a fantastic view of the hills and the ever expanding city. The 13,000 square foot, spacious place plays with shades of black and wood. It offers a warm, elegant, retro look with some pop elements like wall art. The wooden feel is very prevalent with wooden decks, comfortable sofas and a wooden bar. From the interiors to the food and drinks menu, Teddy Boy revolves a lot around mixing and matching cultures.

So here are my top picks of the day. These are a sure shot #MustHave at Teddy Boy Pune if you are visiting them

  1. Banta Bubbly Paan

One of the star attractions here is the Banta Bar Menu. I loved the Bubbly Paan, a heady mix of vodka, rose and paan. Very different and interesting and also there is this drama of poping the bottle and the resultant bubble fun.


  1. Black Forest Martini

This sumptuous Martini is a great pleaser. While the texture of the cream float immediately sooths your appetite, a strong combination of vodka and chocolate liquer will hit you at the right places. A #MustTry if you are into dessert cocktails



  1. Kasundi Chicken Skewer

Skewers of chicken marinated in mustard, so typically Bengali served along with a mustard mayo dip. Brilliant!!! Perfectly cooked chicken and l loved the combination with kasundi. The twist to the regular chicken skewer totally suited my palate.



  1. Smokey Wings

I loved the chicken wings here, totally in love with the Indian spice rub, the wings were char-grilled to perfection. I loved the fact that it came along with the lachcha pyaz and the pickled gajar and mooli…Typical Delhi style



  1. Teddy Fiery Prawns

Fried prawns tossed in a creamy schezwan sauce. They are crunchy, crispy, spicy hot prawns served on a cold salad. Highly recommended. MUST ORDER



  1. Mutton Kulcha Tacos

Loved the way the tacos were served,  two desi kulchas came stuffed with masaledar mutton, onions and a sprinkle of lime on a miniature rickshaw.   Full marks for using the rickshaw as a prop, but the taste was even more exciting than the presentation. The kulcha was soft, thin and nicely toasted, while the mutton masala filling was magnificent. The mutton was so juicy and the sauce coating it was tangy and well-spiced, and it was impossible not to keep going back for more. #HighlyRecommended



  1. Grilled Herbed Prawns with a Twister Sauce

Another beautifully presented dish, that had herbed prawns on the skewer accompanied by sautéed vegetables, a garlic mayo bejeweled with radish and topped with chef doyel sarangi’s special sauce. I would call it a plate of total #yum



The other bar tipples included Apple Cinnamon Mojito, Passion Fruit Mango Martini, Banta Strawberry Chaat, Black forest martini and a mocktail Mucho Melon


The other starters included Potato Skin Chaat, Papad Cones with vegetables, Tortilla mushroom Nachos, Little pita with mushroom, Aloo Chole kulcha and chicken kulcha


This was followed by Cheesy creamy non veg soup which had beer…Yes u heard it right BEEEER!!!! But an acquired taste I must say

The mains comprised of Kumbh Martar Hara Pyaz, Grilled Chicken breast with wine sauce, Grilled fish with strawberry wine sauce, mutton roganjosh and the signature butter chicken


We’ve discovered there’s always room for dessert. This comes in the form of Chocolate Golgappa, comprising crisp savoury golgappas stuffed with chocolate boondi and served on top of a shot glass with white chocolate sauce. All you have to do is Crunch, Swallow and Repeat. Another dessert was Doyel Sarangi’s chocolate noodles with vanilla icecream and her take on the deconstructed dessert that goes by the name rasmalai tiramisu


All in all,l a good place to party. Take a bunch of friends with you, haven’t we heard of the saying “More the merrier”

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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