Terttulia Bistro – Discover food, one delicious bite at a time

Terttulia Bistro – Discover food, one delicious bite at a time

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Tasting food has always been interpreted differently. But when it comes to discovering great food, that too with pals with the same food wavelength…you are home. So here is my chronicle of a soiree with great food and good vibe, where each of us discovered some classic elements on the plate one delicious bite at a time…at Terttulia Bistro, Balewadi

So my maiden trip to this quaint place was courtesy of the generous folks at Carpe Diem, a drive to Balewadi High Street, (Well my first) and a showcase of interesting twists to food – the evening had so much to offer…

Well I have this thing of collecting inordinate knick knacks and the moment I saw a plethora of them adorning the walls, that formed an integral part of the decor at Tertullia, my eyes sparkled and the heart said- Definitely my kind of place!!! Nice cozy place where you can hangout with your loved ones. Good music, super beautiful ambience. A perfect place for a romantic date.

The Ambience at Terttulia Bistro
The Ambience at Terttulia Bistro

And as I admired the ambience along came the cocktails for the evening, and here is my take on them…

Terttulia_Cocktails_bellydriven 2

  1. Green Appletini – A very addictive and dangerously delicious cocktail! a lush mixture of Vodka, Granny Smith apples, sweet and sour on ice, shaken not stirred. You can’t drink one and leave it at that. I couldn’t…
  2. Watermelon Caprioska – Add a fresh flavor to your Sunday brunch with this versatile drink that is served as a cocktail and mocktail, absolute fresh flavours with vodka, mint and lime wedges, fresh pieces of watermelon
  3. Orange Basil Mojito – A heady concussion of muddled basil, with lime, fresh malta oranges, white rum, orange juice and brown sugar surely made me swoon
  4. Watermelon Mojito- Can I tell you how good was this cocktail- so light, so fresh, so full of summer with the favours of watermelon, mint and lime and white rum for sure…
  5. Sparkling Sangria- A classic, must try
  6. Japanese Pear Ginger Martini- A medley of vodka, Japanese ginger, fresh pear, ginger juice, sweet & sour, a very acquired taste, I am not a fan of ginger based drinks, given a choice will give it a pass

All that came with a very Indian nicely buttered, garnished with chaat masala and red chilli powder – Karari Roti, that was devoured in seconds

The humongous Karari Roti @Terttulia
The humongous Karari Roti @Terttulia

Then came the Salads for the evening and it made me realise sometimes a colourful, hearty salad is all you need for a stellar start to a meal.

  1. Asian red apple, cranberry,almond and quinoa salad in a jar– A simple quinoa salad with toasted almonds, sliced red apples, rucola, spinach and dried cranberries. A delicious raspberry vinaigrette at the bottom of the jar. All you have to do is shake the jar and pour it out on on a plate. Mixing together quinoa, spinach, rucola, some crunchy almonds,chewy dried cranberries, and a tart apple with a delicious raspberry vinaigrette ever it was one heck of a salad.
Salad_Terttulia_Bellydriven 2
Red apple, cranberry,almond and quinoa salad in a jar

2. Roasted beets goat cheese with smoked salmon salad– Those beetroots were like red jewel are bursting with flavour, colour, and sweetness. The smoky taste of salmon coupled with fresh goat cheese, pine nuts and fresh lime dressing and spicy arugula created a medley of most delightful flavours on my palate A MUST HAVE!!!


Along came Tapas and the bar bites…

3 mUshroom & Mozarella Sandwich - Minute Steak with quinoa, onions and gyros
3 Mushroom Ragout & Mozarella Sandwich – Minute Steak with quinoa, onions and gyros
  1. 3 Mushroom ragout & mozzarella sandwich – Well this dish was a triple threat and definitely one of the important weapons in Terttulia’s arsenal. A scrumptious mix of mushroom ragout, caramelised onions, a patte of fried mozzarella sandwiched in between toasted breads, will surely make your heart go pop. Would definitely recommend this.
  2. Minute steak with quinoa onion gyros – a crowd-friendly dish. Also known as Steak Ums.  It consists of thin cuts of lamb, with quinoa, caramelised onions enveloped in a pita bread, served alongside fried in cute little buckets and house mustard.
  3. Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi –  Ah…I fell in love with the glistening pork belly, enveloped in the steamed buns, tender and flavourful. Sandwiched between the fluffy steamed buns, the pork belly melted in the hoisin sauce, with a little bit of chilli sauce for kick. An Asian take on a classic American staple, the pulled pork sandwich. Spicy kimchi adds some necessary spice to the bao. A sprig of cilantro, fresh cucumbers and a surprise slice of jalapeno also kept it a bit more interesting, and within the asian flavour spectrum.
Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi
Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi

4. Indopean Street Pani Puri – A street style panipuri served in shot glasses topped with iceberg lettuce and the puri… good fusion elements but a little too angrezi me

5. Broccoli aglio e oglio Peperoncino – Broccoli chunks in a medley of spicy garlic, chill flakes, tossed in olive oil and served with a lime wedge. Very different yet inviting

Broccolli aglio oilio_bellydriven


6. Char grilled Fish and Spicy Salsa Tacos – Another impressive one was Tacos, topped with grilled fish, red cabbage, guacamole, a squeeze of mayo and spicy tomato salsa to finish. Very fresh flavours.

Fish Tacos _Terttulia_bellydriven

7. Chipotle Chilli rubbed Grilled Prawn Skewers – Less on spice, but loved the way they were served…on a bed of watermelon

Skewered Prawns

The mains comprised of:

  1. Homemade Ravioli of Mushroom & Pine nut – You have to try this… perfectly cooked ravioli, delicately stuffed with Spinach, Feta, and Pine Nut in a creamy sauce with a hint of butter and sage.


2. Prawns Coconut Malai Curry with Steam Rice – The perfect creaminess from the coconut, along with the big pieces of whole chingri – a true calling for an odia…Was a little difficult to photograph since it was dunked in the gravy but I just took them out and plated a pretty picture

Prawns Malai Curry_Terttulia_bellydriven3. Red wine braised Lamb Ragout – You know this morsel is yum when the meat is browned deeply with golden onions and chunks of sweet potato.  One can experience the long braise that melds everything together into deliciously heady sauce, and the fragrance of deeply browned meat, served alongside herbed spaghetti…This was a sure shot winner for me

Redwine braised lamb ragout

I was too full for the dessert but it did not stop me from digging into this intensely rich, gooey chocolate cake, absolutely decadent. A thumbs up for this one.

Gooey Chocolate_Terttulia

So, all in all –

What a show,a care and respect for ingredients, coaxing great flavours out of simple things in a succinct menu. A focus on enthralling a customer, these are menus designed to let you revel.

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

Ambience – 4.5/5

Value for money – N/A (sponsored event)

Again, a tip of the hat to the good folks at Carpe Diem

Cheers !

My overall is a well deserved 4.5 with little room for improvement in the service.

If you’re looking for great yet inviting twist to your evening, this is totally the place to head to…

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  1. Oh boy !
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    Its really fabulous to just feel those amazing spread and waiting to hit the place near soon.
    Keep going. Roadted beet goat cheese with Salmon Salad pic is sheer winner here👌🏻👌🏻

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