Ayurvedic Tuesdays – Pepper

Ayurvedic Tuesdays – Pepper

black-pepper-518x411Use me as a spice or for seasoning
I am the good old pepper
Helpful as a medicine or for flavor
For breakfast, lunch or supper

The most common ground black pepper is used in various forms in cooking. Mostly used as a flavoring agent and in spices and rubs. Added to almost every savoury dish, hot or cold, pepper imparts a sharp and pungent flavor to any dish.

Native to southern India, black pepper sparked the start of the spice trade between Asia and Europe
One can use black pepper not only in cooking but also to keep ants from invading your home and drive away bugs from eating your delicious garden vegetables. Black pepper also has medicinal properties and can be added to your meals to relieve a sinus infection, and in a homemade tea concoction to relieve sore muscles and body aches.

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