To bake or not to bake!

To bake or not to bake!


Its 9.30 pm.

The little monster is off to bed and the husband lurks around the corner asking for dinner…but the only thing on my mind is the dilemma –  to bake or not to bake…

My mind is full of flour, butter, chocolate, sugar, and eggs. And the goodness that’s it is about to create…

The aroma that I grew up with.

 And like that in a jiffy I gulp down my dinner even before hubby dearest could finish half of it and get down to pre-heating my oven and mixing cake batter and soon after I see a heavenly rich brown batter ready to go into the baking tins…I put away the cake batter into the oven, set the timer and then time and again stalk the oven to see the rise on my cake…I wait for the timer to ring with my heart fluttering as if I am on my first date..and then voila the time has come… the whiff of freshly baked cake overtakes me and I am transported into some other world…I handle it with care as I would handle a new born and wait impatiently for it to cool down. But my greed takes over and I help myself with a large piece and gulp it down to satiate my senses…. I look at the gooey mess on my counter top…..It was all worth it…as it dawns upon me…there is always time to much for little miracle stress busters in life…

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